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for driver's licences in Canada
from any language

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Corporation of Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters of New Brunswick, CTINB
Association of Translators and Interpreters of Saskatchewan, ATIS
Association of Translators and Interpreters of Manitoba, ATIM
Association of Translators and Interpreters of Nova Scotia, ATINS
ATIO Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario, Canada
Association of Translators and Interpreters of Alberta, ATIA
Society of Translators and Interpreters of British Columbia, STIBC
Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec, Order of Translators, Interpreters, and Terminologists of Quebec, OTTIAQ
since 2012

I am a certified member of all Canadian associations of translators — my translations will be accepted everywhere in Canada and abroad

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I am always online
from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mon.–Fri.
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I make professional translations for all kinds of situations
Federal and provincial programs, applications for PR cards, Canadian citizenship and passport
Getting a driver's licence
Driver's licences from outside of Canada. Letters confirming driving experience to get it recognized in Canada
Education evaluation
Diplomas and transcripts to get credentials evaluated by WES, ICAS, IQAS, University of Toronto, and any other universities and colleges
For embassies or consulates
Documents for Canadian embassies or consulates of any countries
Notary-certified translations — as fast as 24 hours
A notary public certifies the translator's signature on the affidavit (written oath). As fast as 24 hours
Translations for courts
Documents, e-mail exchanges, screenshots, audio and video files for any court proceedings in Canada
Communication in messengers and e-mails
Exported chats, screenshots of communication, and any other digital files
Business translations
Agreements and other documents and texts.
Corporate websites and marketing materials: brochures, leaflets, surveys, business cards
Technical translations
Translations of flowsheets, diagrams, DWGs, and other extremely specialized documents and files
Other situations
If you can't find what you need, describe your requirements. Most likely, I will be able to help
Converting audio or video recordings into text without translations
Videos and subtitles
Time-stamped translations, creation and translation of subtitles, embedding subtitles into video
Examples of standard documents
Driver's license from Spanish
Certificate of absence of criminal record from Ukrainian
Border crossing stamps in the travel passport from Arabic
Driver's record from Chinese
Certificate of absence of criminal record from German
Certificate of the name change from English or French
Court decision from Ukrainian
Driver's record from Polish
Diploma from Russian
What the result looks like
Translation of a birth certificate with my stamps and signature
How much the translation costs
Translations are starting from $0.06 CAD per word
In any case, I need to see your documents first.

Even standard documents (driver's licenses, birth certificates) can vary a lot.

I can only confirm the price and the turnaround time after I see your documents.
Urgent translations are charged x2
Same-day translations are charged the double price
(if needed), is paid for separately
payment options
There is a minimum fee per page/document
Price also depends on the required certification (stamps, etc.)
If the translation is not accepted, I will refund

If the authority to where you are submitting our translations declines them, I will fully reimburse you.
(This has never happened.)
How to get translated documents
At any time of the day from my office. Make sure to contact me in advance before you go.
Regular mail
Shipping in an envelope with a postage stamp by regular mail will be free for you. Delivery time within Canada is 1-2 weeks, there is no tracking number and no guarantee of the safety of documents.
Courier service
Shipping with a courier using Xpresspost, Priority Mail, Purolator, DHL, UPS, or FedEx. The cost of shipping is usually $25. Delivery time within Canada is 1-4 days guaranteed. Tracking number available.
Pick-up from my office
Sent to you by regular mail
Delivered to you by a courier service of your choice
Clients' reviews
I am a certified translator
A member of all associations of translators in Canada
How it works
You send scans or photos of documents for translation
You explain for what purpose you need these translations, to which authority, for what procedure, etc.
I need to know this to check your authority's certification requirements.

If the source documents are NOT in the Latin alphabet, you need to send spellings of all last and first names in English.
I confirm the price and turnaround time
You pay using Interac, credit card, PayPal, WU, or other 7 payment options
I make translations and send drafts for you to check
You check drafts and send corrections if any
I check and finalize files, and send you scans of the final translations
You receive paper versions of the translations if you need them
How to get them:

  • Pick up from my office at any time of the day (free of charge)
  • Receive by regular mail (free of charge for you, 1-2 weeks) — NOT recommended
  • Receive with the courier (usually $25, 1-4 days guaranteed, with a tracking number) — recommended
Frequently asked questions
Submit your price quote request,
I'll respond today
Talk to me
Talk to me
I need to see front and back
I need to see all the pages
As far as I know, in order to get a full license in Canada, you need to translate both: the driver's licence from your home country, AND the certificate of driving experience.
If you have it ready, please upload it as well.
Sorry, I cannot help you. Only an ICBC-approved translator located in B.C. can translate your documents.
Please select another translator from this list.
Front and back together count as 1 (one) page
All pages of this licence together count as 1 (one) page
1. Shipping with regular mail will be free for you within Canada (outside of Canada — as much as they charge me), delivery is approximately 1–2 weeks within Canada, but there is a risk of losing the letter. I recommend shipping by courier.
2. For Xpresspost, I charge $25 + tax (a total of $28.25, usually 1–3 days). If you prefer any other courier company, let me know, and I will accommodate that.
3. If you need the originals urgently, you can pick them up from my office when they are ready.
9. I will, of course, send you electronic versions of translations to check, when they are ready. However, most likely, you will still need paper versions of your translations. There are multiple options to receive paper versions of the translations, if you need them:
Note: All calculations on this website are preliminary. All prices are negotiable. You can still pay for your order to speed things up, but I will re-confirm everything by e-mail after I review your documents.
This never yet happened, but I reserve the right to amend the price quote and turnaround time above after reviewing your documents and inputs.
1. Interac e-transfer
You can pay using the Canadian payment system called Interac
(often called "e-transfer" or "ETF"). All Canadian banks use this system.
1. Go to your online bank.
2. Select Interac e-transfer. The link should be under
"Pay Bills & Transfer Funds" or "Move Money".
3. Click on "Send Money with Interac e-Transfer".
4. Add a new recipient by filling in the form:
● Recipient e-mail: igor@isaev.ca
● OR Recipient phone number: 416-854-2420
● Recipient name: it will most likely show the name of my corporation,
USPEH Corporation, — that is correct
● Comments: your e-mail address
● If a Security Answer is required, please use: translation
If your bank requires my address, please enter:
67 Kayla Crescent, Vaughan, Ontario, L6A 3P5, Canada
Thank you!
2. Debit card/Credit card
You can pay by credit and debit cards issued by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and UnionPay. Please click on the button below and complete the payment.
When done, please e-mail me the screenshot with the Transaction ID, so that I can start translating while the money is still on the way. My e-mail is igor@isaev.ca. Here is an example of how the screenshot looks like: