Thank you, your request was sent
I strive to respond by e-mail within 3 hours
To tell you the exact price and turnaround time of the translation,
1. I absolutely need to see scans or photos of all documents that are translated.
Even standard birth certificates do vary, — believe me, I’ve seen a lot of different ones.

2. I need to know where you will submit the translated documents.
In 99% of cases, I can provide a certified translation specifically for your needs, but I need to know which certification to use. I am a member of 8 associations of translators across Canada; one of my seals is suitable for immigration, another one is only for driver’s licences, provincial immigration programs require notarization, and so on. Certification affects the price and turnaround time. If this is for immigration/PR, I need to know exactly under which immigration program you will be submitting the translated document. The requirements for the correct certification of translations differ for federal programs (IRCC) and for each of the provincial programs.

Please upload scans or photos here below and indicate where you'll submit the translations to.

If you have already sent all this to me, thank you so much, I’ll get back to you shortly!